The coffee workshop needs a technician (boy 22-35 years) with a high salary of 150,000-200,000.

Dispatcher or Driver

The company needs drivers up to 35 years old with their own gas-driven cars.

Market Development Officer (Sales Manager)

The company needs a 22-35 year market development officer (sales manager).

Necessary Requirements:

  1. Work experience in this field (preferably),
  2. Own car,
  3. Ability to communicate,
  4. Stress-Resistant, Fast-Oriented Capability.


  1. Introduce and offer raw materials to organizations deal with production,
  2. Explore the market, find new partners,
  3. Keep the loyalty of old colleagues,
  4. In anyway promote the sale of raw materials.


Candidates who meet these criteria may send their CV to: e–mail address.

Please notice position title as subject of letter.