About Us

DUET COMPANY was founded in 2007. The company is engaged in production and sale of cold coffee, cold tea. The founder of the DUET brand has studied the market demands and preferences for a few years and has developed a development formula that has provided the expected result. The DUET product has been in the cold coffee and cold tea market for eleven years and does not have its similarity in the market. All ingredients used in production are accredited under ISO 18001 and have passed the examination by food safety, and the quality control department of the enterprise ensures high and stable quality of the product.

Our products have passed physical-chemical, microbiological and other examinations on which a declaration of conformity has been issued (registration number CU AM 009 / S.B-0028-2016).

DUET’s products are sold in all the regions of the Republic of Armenia, at wholesale, retail trade in 2000 and more points.